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Random Screenshots

Know how your employees are spending their time at work by capturing random screenshots of their screens on a regular interval of time (5, 10, 15 minutes) Screenshots allow managers to see which applications, websites or programs are actively used.

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Computer Screencast (live video)
Sometimes screenshots won’t be enough. While trying to increase productivity, you might want to identify what your remote or in-house employees are doing with a live video. With SuperSee, you can request screencast (live video) for any employee in your team.

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Application Usage
Gain insights about tools, software, and applications that your employees spend their time on. This helps you identify whether the core work has been done or not.

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Productivity Reports (Dashboard)
Stay up-to-date with insights like Total working hours of the day, Active/Non-active team members during the day, Inactivity time of an individual or the team, Latest screenshots of employees’ work activities.

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Inactivity (idle/unproductive) time
While measuring productivity, it becomes essential to track the inactivity time of an individual or the whole team. SuperSee does it for you. Track the inactivity time of your employees on the Dashboard.

Time Tracking
Track time across your in-house and remote teams. Find out the daily, weekly, or monthly working hours of a team or an individual directly from your dashboard.

On-screen Widget
SuperSee productivity widget helps employees know they are tracked so they can avoid any personal work. The widget shows clock-in time, total work hours, and time percentage of the day.

Discord Notifications
Easily integrate SuperSee with Discord and receive important notifications like Screenshots, end of the day daily productivity summary, your employees’ webcam pictures and more to ensure that you never miss the latest updates, without having to log into the admin panel.

Start monitoring productivity and build efficient inhouse and remote teams.