Remote Team Management Tools: Empowering Productivity in Distributed Workforces

Remote Team Management Tools: Empowering Productivity in Distributed Workforces

Remote working is the new framework of the workplace which is significantly increasing and has become a necessity. Let us understand the term in detail.

Remote Team Management
Remote Team Management

What is remote working

Remote working is a structure where the employees are given a freedom to not work from the office. The employees are allowed to work away from the central and specified location of its workplace .

Some shocking but no so shocking statistics

  • Remote work has increased by 173 percent  between 2005-2028
  • 51 percent employees prefer to work remotely because it improves their work-life balance
  • 47 percent people like skipping everyday commute 
  • 25 percent people are able to achieve better financial stability by working remotely

Advantages of working remotely

  1. Employees can meet their home itineraries and are able to plan there life events
  2. The feeling of collaborative working is intact
  3. Employees are determined to complete their work as now they work away from office and only completion of activities are measured for performance
  4. Cost saving for organization, as now they have to spend less on the running cost and can serve on cloud based operations
  5. Flexible job schedules and team meetings

While remote working has brought some very good practices and has bought ease in the life but it has brought many challenges both for employees and the employers,

  1. Communication and coordination : It is seen that now when people work remotely ,they are not able to communicate to extended team members quite often and it leads to confusion and wrong expectations.
  2. Security threats : In modern world, data is very crucial for any organisation and when the workforce is remote there possesses a threat of leakage or deletion.SOmetimes knowingly or unknowingly the data gets exposed and it results to breach of competitive ecosystem.
  3. Career growth – Remote working has made it very difficult for the employees to grow as the performance is now hard to measure ,moreover the employer is unable to understand the gaps in the learnings and need of training.
  4. Productivity measurement – In the absence of any matrix and system ,it becomes very difficult and time consuming for the HR dept to measure the productivity of the employee. They have to depend on instinct and many times it results in misinterpretation and unsatisfied employees.
  5. Trust issues – Employees work in silos and the engagement on a daily basis is not possible .Thereby,in absence of any interaction the employer has trust issues as the employee is working transparently and is not misguided to obtain shortcuts which may result in a loss to the company.
  6. Performance monitoring – The performance monitoring is a difficult task when more than half of the employees are working remotely . The HR dept had to utilise 12-14% of the time in the monitoring and still not able to ensure the productivity.

To resolve these challenges ,the new world is focussed to deploy employees remotely with a mechanism or tool which empowers both the employees and the employer in performing daily activities and also resolve issue of monitoring.The remote teams management tools not only streamlines the workflow but helps in establishing communication and coordination which results in efficiency for the team and organization as a whole.

The automation, real time collaboration and performance dashboards will help the organization in working normally when in remote.

At SuperSee , we help the organization leverage the remote working style and effectively manage their workforce with tools to manage like screen sharing , recording.regular checkings etc and also helps to derive the analytics which will help the organization with a personalized dashboards  to ascertain the issues , form clearer goals and ensure the productivity.


In the end , to highlight that remote working is a difficult exosystem and comes with a lot of challenges but the technological collaboration mitigates the cons and enables the positives of remote working . The organization can thrive in a remote workplace with the best technological models and structure to ensure that productivity is met and employees are also heard and kept happy.

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