Screen monitoring with Employee Screenshots

Understand what your employees are working on.

Screenshots let you see your team’s priorities at regular intervals of time.

SuperSee captures screenshots at your desirable intervals (5, 10, 15 minutes)

Get a sneak peek of recent screenshots of your employees on the SuperSee dashboard

Check screenshots of the previous day, week, or month.

Monitor work activities of in-house, hybrid, and remote working teams with a single software

Track Unproductive activities

Screencast of your employees’ screens help you if they’re spending their time on unproductive applications and websites.

Compare the frequency of such activities by analyzing screenshots of multiple days, weeks, or months.

Help employees understand the opportunities to improve and build productivity.

Track low performing employees

Screenshots and Screencast (live video) of your workers’ screens can help you identify who’s less productive.

Monitoring employees may also enable you to recognize burnout & take steps to avoid it.

Using SuperSee helps your employees stay focused as they’ll know that they’re been monitored.

Stay in control over whats going on in your team with SuperSee