SuperSee Productivity Reports

Total working and inactive hours

 A data-driven dashboard displaying employee activity and engagement metrics, including online/offline status, collaborative teams, most used applications, and usage hours.

Gain real-time insights into workforce presence, app preferences, and utilization trends with SuperSee’s comprehensive employee analytics platform.

Recent Screenshots for Productivity Reporting

View employee activity during working hours by viewing recent screenshots of different employees.

Recent screenshots keep changing as SuperSee captures new screenshots every 5, 10, or 15 mins to keep you posted.

Customizable capture frequency: Allow managers to adjust the screenshot capture interval based on specific needs. For example, more frequent captures for fast-paced projects or less frequent for focused tasks.

Live Online/Offline Report

Check the availability of your team members, ensuring effective resource allocation and better coordination for project management and task distribution.

With SuperSee, you can get real-time insights into resource availability, allowing you to make informed decisions and respond promptly to changing priorities and urgent tasks.

Gain valuable insights into team performance and project efficiency through comprehensive reports and analytics. Identify areas for improvement, track individual contributions, and make data-backed decisions to optimize future projects

Monitor total working hours for Productivity Reports

“Gain valuable feedback on your team’s performance in this detailed report. It’s a great resource to learn from each other and optimize your workflow.”

You can view this user’s statistics as detailed and know how it performed through out.

Tools & Technology Usage During Work Hours

SuperSee offers visibility into the tools and technology utilized by employees during work hours, helping you understand their preferred resources for enhanced productivity & informed decision-making. Ultimately helping you generate quick Productive Reports.

Generate productivity reports using SuperSee