Screen Monitoring with Screencast (live video) feature

Screenshots not enough? Use Screencast (live video) feature

Screenshots might be not enough for you to monitor employee productivity, use the Screencast video feature to understand work activity better.

Watch a screencast (live video) of any team member’s screen anytime when they’re logged in to SuperSee

Recognize what your employees are doing while using unproductive tools and websites.

Productivity Tracker for Better productivity monitoring

Live screen monitoring is a convenient way to monitor employees’ activities at work.

Request Screencast (live video) to any employee anytime and check what they’re up to.

No matter what device you’re using, get a bird’s eye view of your team’s work activities.

Productivity Tracker that enables you to find loopholes.

Screencast videos enable you to monitor employee activities even better than Screenshots.

Watching your employee’s screencast video, you can figure out what’s been done while using unproductive applications for how long.

Stay in control over what’s going on in your team with SuperSee